English for Legal Purposes

The purpose of this course is to build upon and extend knowledge of British, American and European legal systems, to develop reading techniques (civil code, international law, contracts, letters etc.) and writing skills (letters of warning, threats of legal action, reports, etc.), translating laws and regulations.

Particular attention will be given to fluency activities such as dealing with clients and colleagues, social English, specific language for presenting a case, explaining the Italian legal system, discussing case studies.

The Program

  • Legal Terminology in English
  • Language of Contracts
  • Language of Negotiations
  • Language of Meetings
  • Language of International Law
  • Language of Company Law
  • Case Studies
  • Letter Writing
  • Report Writing
  • Legal Systems:
  • Analysis of Italian, British and American Judiciary Systems
  • European Law
  • General Language Functions:
  • General Business English
  • Telephoning
  • Reporting Events
  • Giving Advice
  • Persuading Techniques
  • Translation
  • General Grammar


Applicants for this course are expected to have basic knowledge of English (at least 5 years at secondary school or equivalent).  If applicants are at a lower level (elementary or absolute beginners), the program will have to be altered and thus only part of the program outlined above will be covered.

Students may bring their own materials for discussion and translation or correction in class.

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