Teachers Refresher Course for Italian Teachers of English

  • A chi è rivolto: insegnanti; studenti; formatori; CLIL; dirigenti scolastici
  • Durata minima del corso: Online 20h, Full Immersion 24h
  • Luogo: Online, Full Immersion
  • Riepilogo del Corso

  • Introducing NLP elements in your English language teaching
  • Incorporate Gardner intelligence theory to develop creative and customized training
  • Tap into emotional intelligence to establish emphatic interpersonal rapport
  • Improve your own communication skills to help students grasp meaning and nuance
  • Expand your teaching techniques to appeal to both sides of the brain for long-term retention
  • How to develop and create innovative teaching materials
  • The use of authentic materials to use in lesson planning
  • The classroom language/Scaffolding
  • Accent reduction exercises
  • The new CLIL approach and methodology developed by The Language Center
  • Lesson planning in CLIL
  • Mobile Mediated Communication, WebQuest, E-activities
  • Use and management of virtual learning environments
  • I Vantaggi del Corso

A new full immersion course, specially designed for English Teachers in Italy to help sculpt communicative English and help you get the best out of your students.

  • Experienced mother tongue language trainers
  • Week long & weekend intensive packages available
  • Sculpt your fluency and communication skills
  • Multi-sensory techniques that are tailored for your needs

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