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Our Courses

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Language Coaching

The didactic approach on which our method is based starts with the essential element of considering human beings as a whole and in the totality of both hemispheres: the right and left sides of the brain.  Much of traditional teaching is rooted primarily in the use of the left hemisphere which is analytical, linear, logical, detail-oriented and acts on short-term memory.  The right hemisphere, on the other hand, is analogical, works by association, feelings, images and intuition, is responsible for emotions and, above all, long-term memory.

Our method, therefore, foresees practical and experimental activities which give space to creativity, where the individual becomes a first-hand participant, is considered a human being in his totality and can be motivated to express himself within a real setting, according to the constructivist principle.  The learning process is highly influenced by our brain’s ability to create new neural connections, a process which is facilitated by calm situations when the brain can free itself of stress and other burdening elements, where waves emitted by the brain approach, as nearly as possible, alpha waves.

Studying in a relaxed atmosphere, where students can feel undisturbed compared to their normal work rhythm and can express themselves freely, enables a lowering of their emotional filter and more openness towards new information which can soon be transformed into language learning.

The Method

The “Beyond Language” course is based on an innovative methodology which expedites learning by up to 25-30% compared to traditional teaching.  An essential part of the program is the personalization of the student’s objectives and the creation of efficient strategies and techniques used to achieve them.

Teaching tools used in our course of study include:

  • NLP techniques to boost the brain’s internal resources and permanently modify limiting beliefs
  • Techniques regarding vocal expression and body language, focusing on physiology as an active learning tool
  • Techniques of emotional expression through the study of paraverbal communication (tone of voice, volume, silent pauses, etc.) and the body-mind connection
  • Creative visualizations which stimulate alpha and theta brain waves, thus creating a heightened receptivity in the student
  • Relaxed states induced by breathing exercises with the aim of accessing the potential of the right hemisphere
  • Cooperative Learning
  • Original audio-visual material to immerse oneself in a dynamic context which pivots on student-teacher interaction
  • Role-plays created and enacted by the student
  • Modelling techniques and dramatizations which act as feedback for the student’s behavioural and mental habits in terms of language

With our “Beyond Language” method, learning is stress-free, pleasurable and, most of all, 20-30 times quicker than traditional methods.

The teachers

Courses are given by qualified, native-speaking instructors with proven experience in varyious fields of teaching. Serving as constant points of reference, our teachers’ friendliness and the natural informal atmosphere they establish makes learning a language fun and easy while helping our guests settle into Italian cultural and social life.
Their long experience teaching a foreign language and their specialisation in various sectors allow for in-depth learning of substantial, industry-specific vocabulary in areas such as marketing, business, legal and medical terms.


Our Full Immersion courses are held in country houses between Todi and Perugia, immersed in the beauty of the green Umbrian countryside, where the pleasant and relaxing atmosphere, and the constant availability of a mother tongue teacher favours fluent communication and concentration suitable for learning. Your choice of places to stay includes some of the most beautiful historical properties in the region: castles, fourteenth century mills, ancient monasteries, Liberty villas, aristocratic residences and delightful country houses. 


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