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Category-based Funding

The national Interprofessionals Equal Opportunity Funds for continuing education are associative entities promoted by the representation organizations of Social Groups (representatives of workers and employers) through specific Interconfederal Agreements stipulated by union organizations from the most widely represented employers and employees nationwide.
Interprofessionals Equal Opportunity Funds can be established for every economic sector in industry, agriculture, service and craftsman.  The Interconfederal Agreements can also include the endowment of funds for different sectors as well as the setting-up of a specially designated management training section within the sectors.
Companies access the Interprofessionals Equal Opportunity Funds on a voluntary basis at no cost.

In the event a company decides to take advantage of an Interprofessionals Fund, the employer must utilize the DM10/2 contributory declaration form (also to be used if the support is eventually refused) and indicate the agreement code for the chosen Fund.

The Language Center S.r.l. is able to offer the promotion of all of its courses through the Interprofessionals Fund’s financial aid packages thus guaranteeing our company clients a complete reimbursement for the training courses taken.
All our courses, both the Full Immersion ones as well as the managerial training, the individual courses and group ones, can be included within the training program and can fall entirely under the Fund the company client has chosen. 

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