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Management Training

The company as a living system

In a move aimed at expanding its lines of business and implementing a package of training options, for the past two years The Language Center S.r.l. has been projecting, creating, and carrying out managerial courses in English, offering a wider range of selection to its business clients.

Within the varied scope of training presently available in today’s market, The Language Center S.r.l. has decided to offer new course options to its clients, in addition to its solid and long-standing English learning formulas.

Fully aware of the market’s demand for ever-more professionalism from its managers in the third millennium, our new training courses take advantage of our native-speaking English teachers and join the best of our language traditions with the most modern functional approaches to teaching knowledge and ability in the area of “soft skills”.

In fact, The Language Center S.r.l. can offer courses in English, given by professional trainers, within a program called THE INTERNATIONAL AND INTERCULTURAL COMMUNICATION PROGRAM which touches on the following themes:

  • Negotiation
  • Public Speaking

    The main value our courses offer is being able to combine the use of English language ability, in a realistic and       indirect manner, with the growth of one’s own skills in the proposed topics. 

  • Maximum explanationof content through simple language, visual outlines and continuous anchoring of the experiences lived;
  • Lightness, pleasure, humor.  An exclusive model of “edutainment” to knock down barriers, overcome fears and generate new energy;
  • Very rigorous planning.  Starting with the analysis of corporate culture and lifestyles, messages are composed and various tools and channels are utilized with the rhythm and language requested by the specific company;
  • Emotional involvement.  The creation of amazement and surprise and anchoring of concrete experiences draw the participant in, capture their attention and stimulate their involvement.
  • Content memorization, facilitated by presentation methods that stimulate all our senses, by the use of metaphors and by emotional involvement.

Courses can be carried out under the following options:

  • Full Immersion in Country Houses and Historic Residences in Umbria,
  • On-site, at your company, in any region of Italy(New!)

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