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Specialist Business Courses

Understanding  Comprehension and Communicate - Business English

Broaden your knowledge of the Business world  and Financial English by focusing on the language and vocabulary used in the following areas: company organization, international trade, accounting, advertising, business cultures, human resources, international markets, ethics, leadership, banking and finance economics


Develop specific techniques and strategies aimed at helping you deal with the challenges of understanding and speaking a foreign language in an international context

Build your comprehension skills of international media  by using techniques such as skimming, scanning, summarizing, reading and listening for detail

Reinforce your Communicative skills: interact successfully in an international business enviroment in a variety of situations: skype, telephoning, conferences, conference calls, conducting trade, socializing and travel

Work on build your confidence: communicate successfully in a foreign by using NPL techniques, applying emotional intelligence, using both sides of the brain and developing your inner streghts and an intercultural approach

Perfect your comprehension skills of the language used in Contracts, Sales and Marketing, Banking and Finance, IT

Improve your presentations and report writing skills: drafting documents, making presentations and dealing with business correspondence

Review negotiation techniques: dealing with cultural diversity and creating rapport, clarity in communication, improving your lestening skills, achieving your objectives and goals successfully when negotiationg in a foreign language

Discuss personal leadership: building personal and linguistic self-confidence; combining personal objectives with your company's, adapting your personal leadership style to the company's vision and representing these values internationally, building your communication skills to work efficiently in an international context.

Teaching tools: PowerPoint slide, visual support and feedback, NPL techniques, role-plays, practice sessions, board work and media

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