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Language Training School
Quality and Innovation since 1988

Our Courses

Our Courses

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Our Courses

Quality & Innovative Full immersion & Extensive Courses since 1988 

The Language Center has been delivering:

- Foreign Language Courses (English, French, German, Spanish and Russian) - for all levels and specialization
- Italian Courses  (website: La Lingua La Vita)
Managerial Courses
Development of the human potential

Our courses are for individuals and groups and can be organized with the following customizable formula:

Full Immersion - Intensive course (Specialist Business Courses)

Full Immersion  - Intensive course(Specialist Courses for Executive)

- Extensive 
- Via Skype & Facetime


- selected facilities in Umbria, like 5 star Resorts and Country Houses
- directly at your Company, all over Italy

- TLC's premises in 
Todi, Umbria

The course participants are actually projected into a context recreated in English language, similar to a possible scenario typical of communicating in international and intercultural territory, thus being able to test and improve their professional skills in the preselected training area, with full intellectual and emotional impact.

We are especially honored to represent in Italy an Institute which is leader and pioneer in the application of innovative concepts and methodologies.


All of our programs are completely customized, flexible and oriented towards each participant’s requirements.  The content, program and teaching method are established following the analysis performed beforehand of the student’s needs.  It is therefore objective-based and revised on the basis of constant progress made throughout the ongoing course.

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Here is a short list of our most representative clients

Regione Lombardia

Armani Group

  Deloitte Network

Ernst & Young


AD Little

 e many others

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