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Private students

At the end of each course our students are asked to fill in a Feedback form which indicates, in detail, the level of satisfaction of all services used. In the section dedicated to final comments, we found expressions of esteem, some of which are very funny; more than being purely boastful, they represent for us constant stimulation to improving all aspects related to the courses.
Herebelow we provide a very small selection!

Angela Zaccara 14/07/2010

I found the course very useful, like few other language courses, in terms of quality and amount of stimulus it gave me!  The accomodations too, including the room, food and overlooking view of the valley, were nothing short of perfection.  Not to mention the other guests at the relais who were very courteous foreigners with whom I was able to socialize and practice my English until the evening...

Angelo Sanchini 2009

I wanted to thank your school, and in particular, the two teachers Gary and Bryan, for the professionalism, courtesy and helpfulness they showed me throughout the course.  I also really appreciated the “choice” to divide the course by using two different teachers, something I found very useful as a good approach to learning a language (two different ways to “see” and “teach”).  The choice of location, "Locanda Solomeo”, was also great where the view, hospitality, good food and kindness went well together with all the rest. A great and beneficial experience for me.

Vanessa Russo 10/09/2009

I want to thank you for everything!  I had a great time with Andrew and Judy at Ottavi Country House and so did my parents!  People in Umbriaare so much nicer than in Milan!  ;-)  We almost thought we were in another world!  Thank you so much!  Good luck!

Maria Luisa Conte 31/08/2009

I was very happy with my stay at the Clinch’s.  The house is so cosy and Brian and Grace are very pleasant, helpful and hospitable people.  I was able to sample the simple but varied cuisine and the possibility of studying in front of a beautiful and relaxing landscape. As far as my course, I have to say that I was satisfied:  the conversation, listening and reading were carried out in a way that was in-depth without ever being boring.  I appreciated the fact that Brian was able to find audio and visual resources which coincided with my interests.

Lorelei Carabolante 22/07/2003

I am very satisfied with my school study programme, The Language Center, as it turned out to be excellent. When the University for Foreigners of Perugia informed me of the fact that I had passed the CELI 3 exam, it was a confirmation of the courses that I had done (ie. Intensive course  and light immersion) and a remarkable commitment of study in Italyhave been determined by having reached this result.

Pasquale Patetta 09/07/2003

I would like to congratulate you on the way you handled the Wellness Project organised by my company MBDA. My congratulations also to the teachers and people that run the holiday farm. I hope that we can repeat this experience this year, maybe for a longer period.

A. Contin 09/08/2002

I enjoyed every moment of my lessons.

R. Giorgetti 04/08/2002

A very good teacher, with an excellent method and at our complete disposal.

C. Weldon 28/03/2002

Staying in a room and studying all day can become very boring. This course is held in a beautiful countryside where excursions can be done, and this helps to lighten the hours of study. And this was carried out to my huge satisfaction.

E. Galbiati 26/01/2002

All three teachers contributed to the excellent result that I believe I have achieved.

V. Notaio 08/01/2002

There was a special kind of feeling with Elena! Helene is full of spring and vitality and I enjoyed conversing with her in Cornwall, where she was born... I managed to improve a lot with Chris.

E. Timperi 03/11/2001
No suggestion. Once, at lunch, I tried to take part in a conversation already started between 4 English teachers. Highly stimulating!

L. Compagnucci 18/08/2000
I had decided to attend this course because I wanted to improve my English for conversation. I think I didn't fail, expecially thanks to my 3 teachers with 3 different accents.

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