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Feedback Alessandra Zappa MBDA

It was a very positive experience because of the unique way the course is set up based on diverse types of interaction with two different teachers.  I found the listening comprehension activities particularly useful as well as the wide range of topics we touched on.  I hope to be able to participate in a new course with you in the future.

Feedback from Monica Cerasoli, MBDA

Regarding the language course I participated in in October 2006, I’d like to say that it was a wonderful experience.  I found the teachers and learning methodology very efficient.  I think the choice of location where the course was held was conducive to optimal concentration.

Of course, if it were possible to repeat this kind of course on a more regular basis (quarterly), progress improvement would be more noticeable.

Feedback from Lina Ranieri, Deloitte Italy

As far as my course, I’d like to say that I really appreciated the approach, teaching method and the distinguishing characteristics used, as it was a Beyond Language course.  I personally feel that the aspects introduced under the Beyond Language program can accelerate the learning process in that they are based on an approach which focuses on the “well-being of the student as an individual”, favoring openness and trust, readiness to listen and learn (one learns unknowingly, without feeling “performance anxiety”).

Furthermore, I’m happy to tell you one of the main feelings I took away with me:  In all of the learning situations I was involved in, I never felt judged for my mistakes or difficulties.

I personally feel the efficiency of the BL courses mainly depends on the skill of the teachers and their ability to receive the student, along with their emotional make-up, and place him at the center of the program, transmitting confidence in his own skills, too often “forgotten” or “undervalued” for numerous reasons (personal, social, professional, etc.).

Feedback from Federico Auteri, RFT S.p.A.

The course met my expectations and now the weak and strong points in the way I communicate are clearer.

It provided great stimulus for me to continue to work on my presentation skills.

Feedback from Marco Panchetti, RFT S.p.A.

We learned how to manage voice control, gesticulation and body posture.  Public Speaking in English is an essential part of my job and I really needed to go up a notch in quality.

iorgio Faccenda, Deloitte Italy

“I was completely satisfied with the course both for its location and, most of all, the teachers' helpfullness and ability.  I really appreciated the possibility to adapt the course to my needs and the "weaknesses" found during the initial assessment test and also during the course itself."

Claudio Zuccotti, Otomelara

"The idea of doing a course in a calm, relaxing environment, without interruptions, is great and it was very useful for me.  The teachers were very prepared and make the students feel at ease.  The lessons are enjoyable, the topics dealt with stimulated me to speak a lot and to overcome my fears.  From my point of view, the result was excellent."

Fabrizio Iannarelli, ICCREA

“Absolutely the best course compared to all the ones I've done up to now (many, both in Italyand abroad)."

Tina Corradino, Stroder

“I recommend this course to anyone needing to quickly improve/increase their level of English.  The course really helped me speak better, but most of all, it pointed out the gaps and areas needing further improvement.  So I think, ideally, it helped me lay out a plan for future study.  The teacher, who was very prepared, helps students think in a pleasant way.  The excellent knowledge of Italian is a plus because it helps to better understand and appreciate even the smallest differences and nuances in meaning."

Francesca Costanzo, Deloitte

“It's the only way to study English in Italy.  The Intensive Course formula with one-on-one lessons is an excellent solution for people who work.  I spent four beautiful days with two fantastic teachers, wonderful women, excellent professionals.  Very patient, they were able to identify the weaknesses in my English and work with me professionally while giving me useful suggestions.  I was very satisfied with the place where I stayed.  It is comfortable, inviting and the food is great."

Carla Maria Pulejo, Ernst & Young

“Great location with high regard for politeness and attention to guests.  The course was very useful, thanks to the teachers' skill and ability.  Overall, I'm very satisfied."

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