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Leaders in Italy for Full Immersion courses

Innovation, whether it regards teaching methodology or finding financial solutions, has been a constant strong point for The Language Center ever since its inception.

We were the first in Italy to introduce the concept of Intensive Course a teaching approach in which we are still, to this day, leaders in our country. We were first to introduce the concept in which language learning is not merely a prerogative from the neck up but an individual’s expression in his/her entirety. Which explains why participants in our Intensive  Courses take walks in the countryside or go horseback riding together with their very own mother-tongue instructors.

We were first in Italy to apply the principles of PNL to the study of languages through our Beyond Language program, visualizing creativity, the use of the right brain, empowering role-plays and techniques and ultimately, the anchoring of a peak state.

Finally, in July 2007, our school was the first training agency in Italy to present a plan regarding the funding available to interprofessionals, specifically for funding backed by Fondimpresa, thus not only performing a training service but counselling as well.

We are the first in Italy to offer English language training to managers. The managerial training program we propose is carried out by our instructors and by professors from American universities, such as our guests from Berkeley University, and is divided among the following modules: leadership, team-building, negotiation, time management and public speaking.

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