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Student-centered approach

From the beginning of its history, The Language Center has based its teaching philosophy on the concept that the student is the focal point, recalling the theories of American psychologist Carl Rogers (1902-1987), founder of the humanistic “human-centered approach”.

This guidance has allowed us to pay continuous attention to the potential harboured in every human being and therefore, to the individuality of our students. We listen to their needs, personalize their training courses with new learning techniques aimed at achieving their specific language goals and, at the same time, offer economic solutions which are sustainable and can also be financed.

The learning programs which set us apart, along with our financial aid counselling, allow us to offer economic solutions which are sustainable and can be financed. This enables us to attract students from all over Italy for our foreign language courses, and from all over the world for our Italian as a foreign language courses. Following is a brief history of our past:
Since 1990, the year in which we were first to introduce the concept of Full Immersion Italy, the attention we have dedicated to our intensive programs has allowed us to maintain our lead in the industry at a national level. In 2006, this served as a starting point leading to the achievement of new and more ambitious goals. Some of the unique aspects that have characterized our company structure throughout its development in the past 20 years of business are:

Unquestionable leadership in Italy’s language sector; we were the first to introduce the concept of Full Immersion and have offered continual training to a large variety of clients (university students, teachers, professionals, companies, public entities and international organizations); Constantly looking for innovative ideas, applying the concept to young children and teenagers with the creation of summer camps (in English) and making learning available in a variety of accommodation choices throughout Umbria (country houses, hotels in city centers, apartments and English families);
Numerous national and foreign customers continuously interested in our activities (for a brief list of names, see our web site); Constant investment in quality:

Regional Accreditation for Continuing Education obtained from the Region of Umbria in 2004 Quality System Certification UNI EN ISO
Continual investment in method development: we have launched studies which introduce the most advanced PNL and personalized methodology techniques as far as intensive training leading to an increased course retention of 30%.

“Beyond Language”, the innovative formula based on advanced communication introduced into our program offering in 2006, has been further implemented with managers-in-training to facilitate the development of language skills along with the art of becoming, and teaching others to become, more efficient at the workplace. Consulting activities regarding submission, tracking and reporting of training programs with the help of financial aid through which it has been possible to guarantee free language training to our national companies on a periodic and annual basis as well as individual training through vouchers.

Management training courses in English intended to cover the major learning areas in the field of “soft skills”, with the promotion of Public Speaking, Leadership, Negotiation and Team Building courses. Attention to the qualitative aspects of our intensive English courses has allowed us to remain leaders in the industry at a national level, an achievement we will celebrate in January 2018 the goal of our 30th, year in business.


The Language Center was created in Todi in 1988 out of an idea by the then very young Dr. Stefania Belli ... (continue)

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