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Accreditation and Quality Control

Accreditation and Quality Control

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Tulpa Assessment System

Since the introduction of our TULPA system of assessment we have been able to carefully monitor all our intensive and extensive programs allowing us to measure the language progress achieved by each course participant individually. Through clear and reliable assessment parameters we keep track of the duration and bulk course hours, number of participants, teaching environment, detailed data through our registration procedures (registration form and test) and so forth.

The Language Center’s long experience acquired over 25 years of professional training together with our concern for quality and results takes into account that there are many subjective factors which influence the progress achieved by a student.
All this information is collected and contributes to creating a reliable database we can draw on to offer the best training solution to suit our client’s needs and enables us to offer our clients customised solutions to cover specific language training needs in the most cost effective way. The success of our TLC programs mainly comes from our TULPA assessment system. The TULPA rates student’s ability on a scale of 0 to 1000, and corresponds to 9 levels of language competence as shown on our Table of Equivalence that comes with the Final Course Certificate. This table also clearly compares our TULPA assessment rating to other recognized systems of evaluation used in Europe, such as TOEFL, TOEIC, CAMBRIDGE; for Italian (CILS, CELI), for French (DELF/DALF), for German (GOETHE) and CERVANTES for Spanish. Our TLC courses refer to common standards of assessment used by official examining boards and we can therefore offer adequate preparation for these examinations.

Our TULPA Progress is evaluated for all the languages mentioned, through the difference between TULPA IN, our initial comprehensive language assessment at the beginning of the course, and TULPA OUT, our final evaluation at the end of the course; below you will find our TULPA Progress average certified progress range taken from our regularly updated database.

The table refers to progress achieved per modular units and it is possible to combine them; this does not imply that these results are proportional or can be arithmetically summed.

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